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About the Italian Thermoelectric Society

Founded in 2014, the Italian Thermoelectric Society is a non-profit scientific organization that aims at stimulating and supporting Italian scientific and technological research on thermoelectrics, promoting its national recognition and its international visibility. The Italian Thermoelectric Society is an interdisciplinary community, embracing expertise ranging from chemistry to materials science, from physics to engineering; and recognizes research efforts spanning from fundamental aspects and material innovation to device and module prototyping. It welcomes scientists and technologists from academia, public institutions, and private companies.

The Italian Thermoelectric Society is committed to promote collaborative research activities and to spread scientific knowledge. To these ends it publishes a bimonthly newsletter and is active on social networks to enforce a continual communication among its members. Since 2013 (namely before its formal foundation) the Italian Thermoelectric Society also organizes an annual national Conference on Thermoelectrics.

The Italian Thermoelectric Society is proudly affiliated to the European Thermoelectric Society, sharing its effort to improve the exchange of information and the share of scientific resources; and its commitment to raise awareness of thermoelectricity and its applications throughout Europe.

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